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Gym Flooded

On 11th June 2016 we had the heaviest and fastest bout of rain Disley has every been subjected to.  The drains couldn’t cope, which burst, leaving tarmac pavements with crater size holes or pushed up tarmac. The tarmac from the road side was washed away, cars were left abandoned, gardens, cellars and houses flooded and unfortunately we had our first and hopefully final, flood. The gym and spin room were filled with over 13 inches of black water which cut the electricity, ruined the majority of equipment and needless to say, didn’t smell so delightful.

After many sessions with insurance brokers and several incredibly fantastic teams of tradespeople, we had the flooring ripped out, the walls dried, the electrics checked then hygienically cleaned throughout and were left with an empty, but clean shell.

We were then given clearance to purchase the new flooring, new equipment, have the walls repainted, new doors and hey presto, we are now have both a fully functioning gym and spin bike room.

So we are delighted to announce that classes have now resumed with brand new equipment throughout.

Should you wish to take a look, or book on a class or have one to one personal training, feel free to call in or to telephone to make an enquiry.

Thanks to everyone for your patience over the summer whilst we were in the process of sorting all this out.



The flood, renovation and new gym

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