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The use of sports braces has become more commonplace in recent years, with the technology advancing and many sports stars donning various braces to keep them playing for longer. There are now sports braces for each area of the body, ranging from ankle supports to knee supports to back braces, all designed to manage specific conditions.

With so many products on the market it can sometimes be a difficult decision to make. The purpose of any sports brace is to protect and aid the patient during their chosen activity, therefore selecting the correct brace is essential in being able to remain active for longer.

As the use of a back support is associated with back pain, for repeat injuries you will no doubt have already seen a Doctor or Physiotherapist as part of your recovery and may have been recommended a specific form of brace already. If you are ever in doubt as to which type of brace you require you should consult with your healthcare provider who will be able to advise you accordingly.

What is a back support?

They are designed to manage lower back injuries covering the lumbar region and hernia conditions. The majority of back supports have one thing in common in that they apply compression to an affected area. Compression works to reduce inflammation by compressing the affected area, which in turn can help to reduce pain. The compressive technology can also reduce muscle vibration and maintain muscle alignment, so that during an activity the use of a back support can minimise discomfort and reduce the risk of further injury.  They work by aiding the mobility of the patient in helping to manage their back injury, which can help with simple tasks like getting out of a chair or picking up a bag of shopping.

Which injuries for a back support?

There are a number of injuries that are suitable for wearing back braces, typically focused on the lower back with lumbar support and hernia support.

Back injuries are typically caused by muscle strains, with the muscle either stretching or even tearing in more serious injuries. Any muscle issues in this area can hinder the movement of a patient and performing simple tasks can be very painful, even getting in and out of the car can prove difficult. There are many causes of a back injury, whether from over-stretching, attempting to lift something too heavy or where an individual is not used to using their lower back through lack of fitness.

Weight lifters will always wear a weight belt, a brace not too dissimilar to a back support which protects the lower abdomen during heavy lifting. It is this extra support and security which can help to prevent a hernia injury from developing during movement or through heavy lifting.

Depending on the severity of the muscle injury the rehabilitation offered may differ. In the immediate aftermath of any injury it is important to adopt the RICE principles in Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation in order to minimise the damage sustained and give yourself the best chance of a speedy recovery. You should also rest for a few days and avoid any strenuous tasks, though after a few days if the problem persists then it would be advisable to see your doctor who will be able to offer a more detailed diagnosis of the problem.

In terms of rehabilitation you may be required to see a physiotherapist who can work with you on exercises to strengthen the affected muscles and get you back to full fitness. They may suggest using a back support as an added measure of protection to be used during the day until you are fully fit again.

In general a back support can be used to manage conditions including lumbar strains, back pain, lumbosacral strains and sciatica. It may be difficult to self-diagnose such specific conditions, hence the need for medical advice.

The main benefit is that they are discreet and can be worn under clothing, therefore you can continue as normal without anyone knowing you are wearing one. The materials used are also breathable and comfortable and conform to the skin.

Which support should I buy?

As there are numerous options on the market it is essential to obtain a professional diagnosis in the first instance so that you are able to select the brace which will offer the greatest set of benefits for the condition you wish to manage.

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