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Fitness Goals

A good personal trainer takes the time to understand your fitness goals and will do everything he can to help you succeed at those goals. Getting into shape is a long, hard road, and a good personal trainer will serve as a friend, advocate and motivator as you work towards your goals. A personal trainer is the ultimate tool in your quest for fitness. Why make life difficult for yourself by trying to go it alone?

Stay Motivated

Many people choose to sign up for group-based training sessions, such as Crossfit, Cardio Kickboxing, Zumba, or step aerobics as their primary fitness training regime. This is a good way to stay motivated, to get moving, and to ensure that you are doing something that is focused, safe and practical. However, in a group environment you miss out on several of the benefits of one to one training.

Injury Prevention

In a group environment, the coach cannot be one hundred percent focused on any one student for any length of time. This means that they may miss certain mistakes that you are making, and you could form bad habits. This may not be an issue in a low-impact aerobics class, but if you lift weights, stretch or punch a pad with bad form you could seriously injure yourself. One-on-one attention significantly reduces the chances of this happening.


If you are serious about improving your fitness, then it is a good idea to hire a personal trainer. When it comes to building muscle and losing fat, beginners tend to see rapid results, and almost any kind of fitness regime will work, for a while. However, it does not take long for the results to slow down. Many beginners give up on their training regime when this happens because they did not expect to plateau, and they do not have the knowledge required to build a better and more effective training Programme.

Fitness Evaluations

Our Personal Trainers will evaluate your health and fitness before they start coaching you, ensuring that you get a Programme that is designed around any injuries, health problems or weaknesses that you may have.

More Than Just Exercise

We also offer additional services such as sports massage & diet advice. If you are interested in these additional services, it makes sense to get them from one source that you can trust, instead of relying on a separate dietitian, posing coach, massage therapist and personal trainer


When you hire a trainer for one-to-one sessions, you know that you are accountable to them and you are less likely to want to miss a session.

Fitness Motivation

If you are going to the gym by yourself, you have no reason to turn up every day. If you are a part of a class, you may form bonds with your team mates but it is easy to tell yourself that you will not be missed because there are 30 other people in the class.

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