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Spiral Stabilisation

We have introduced a whole system of treating chronic and acute pain and rehabilitation athletic injuries.  This system is called Spiral Stabilisation and takes only 5 minutes a day.  It has had amazing results in its clinic of origin in Prague.

Endurance Training

Many people will be beginning graduated training programmes towards spring events such as the London Marathon. At Fountain Square we work with athletes during their training programmes to help prevent injuries, picking up on bad habits and weaknesses before they cause problems. We can do this using our running and walking analysis equipment which allows us to pick up pressure changes on foot strike as well as pelvic and foot instability. Spotting potential problems can be the difference between completing an event and not starting it.

Post Natal

Having recently had a number of new arrivals at Fountain Square Clinic with Physiotherapists Becky and Kaye adding to their families, I thought it a good time to remind new mums that graduated exercise programmes post-delivery are important to ensure good muscle recovery and prevent future problems. Fountain Square can offer individual exercise advice as well as Group Core and Pilates programmes. Re-activating pelvic floor muscles, diaphragm and abdominal muscles is key to preventing low back problems and stress incontinence.

On-road duathlon

Monday 14th March 16 The sun was shining yesterday for Alex as he took part in the Parbold Duathlon consists of a run section, followed by a bike section and then, lastly, another run section. The event is an on-road duathlon in the rolling Lancashire countryside which started at Parbold, Wigan. This event is a classic and one of the oldest on the calendar and consists of;


The Run - 5k
Both run sections are identical. They are 5k in length, consisting of 2 laps of a 2.5k course. The run is undulating and it takes place entirely on rural roads.

The Bike - 27k
The bike route is 27k in length and is made up of 3 laps of a 9k loop. The bike course will climb Parbold Hill three times. Alex stormed in at under 2 hours - 1hr 55mins.

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