CTi Knee Brace

CTi Knee Brace

The CTi knee brace is designed to offer maximum protection to the knee joint and worn by amateurs and professionals alike in the field of extreme and high impact sports. The brace is manufactured by combining multiple layers of carbon fibre to create a rigid frame, working to protect the knee joint and associated ligaments by maintaining bone alignment and minimising unnatural movements. The knee brace is available in both Off The Shelf (OTS) and Custom versions.

The system works to balance the whole body.  When this system is compromised it leads to undue pressure through our spinal column and alters how we weight bear through our hips, knees and feet.

CTI Knee Brace

What is the CTI knee brace designed to protect?

What does it do?

The CTi is a knee brace designed to protect against protect against ACL / PCL / MCL / LCL injuries which can occur through high impact sports. The term high impact refers to anything impacting on the joints including skiing and BMX.

How can it help?

In high impact sports you need to be protected against impact damage in the event of a fall or crash. The rigid shell of the CTi is designed to withstand impact, with Carbon Fibre one of the strongest materials available as well as being lightweight so you can move freely and remain active.

What are knee ligaments?

Ligaments are the tough bands of tissues which connect the bones within a joint and as responsible for stabilisation and movement.

A damaged ligament results in the knee losing its natural stabilising mechanisms for movement. Surgery is often required to rectify the problem with a 90% success rate, though subsequently it is important to protect the knee to avoid a repeat of the injury.

Who wears CTi?

Sports stars including British Speedway Champion Tai Woffinden, wakeboarding champion Lee Debuse and motocross freestyle team Bolddog all know the importance of protecting their knee joint during competitions. With 40% of all ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injuries attributed to sport it is no wonder why sports stars look to give themselves the best possible protection. The CTi knee brace is fitted by clinical professionals to ensure it fits perfectly and offers you the protection you require.


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Which CTi knee brace should I buy?

As there are numerous options on the market it is essential to obtain a professional diagnosis in the first instance so that you are able to select the brace which will offer the greatest set of benefits for the condition you wish to manage.

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