Core Strengthening Classes

Core Strengthening Classes

Core Exercise

Core Strength

Core strength is important for a huge range of sports and occupations, as well as day-to-day health. The muscles in your core support your spine and provide stability when you are lifting heavy weights, performing compound movements or engaging in demanding exercises.

Prevention Use

Core Stability Training can be used to prevent sporting injuries and is also commonly used in injury rehabilitation programmes. Runners, in particular, can benefit from Core Stability Training to help with hip-related problems, iliotibial band syndrome and other over-use injuries. Core training can also help with sciatica and general back pain.

Core Training

Core Stability Training is a form of exercise that strengthens the muscles that support your spine while also improving the ability of those muscles to cope with performing functional activities. Core Stability Training differs from simple compound lifts and direct core work because it focuses on training the core to do its primary job — to stabilize the trunk while simultaneously allowing the extremities to move during functional activities.

Benefits of Core Training

The most important benefits of Core Stability Training, however, come in the form of injury prevention. A weak core can contribute to a lot of issues when it comes to poor form in exercises, and deadlifting, squatting or even cycling with poor posture can lead to debilitating injuries. Core Stability Training can help to prevent these problems before they become serious.

Be Guided

There are a lot of different core exercises out there, but it is not necessary to perform them all. Most personal trainers and physiotherapists advocate that athletes perform exercises that reflect the stresses that are put on their body during day-to-day training. There is no need to engage in flashy, dangerous or complex exercises when you can do something much simpler and safer.

Front Plank

The front plank is one of the most basic core stability exercises, and it can be quite beneficial for people with niggling back issues as long as it is performed correctly. It is important to keep the core tense and activated during the plank. If you allow your core to sag, then you will not be getting the full benefit of the exercise and could even be doing more harm than good.

Core Training

Efficient and regular core training can also form the foundation of your posture which is very important if you spend a lot of time at a desk, during sport, walking, running and just about every sporting activity you may embark on. Strong core equals stable body.

Ball Training

Ball exercises for the core involve just the ball and an exercise programme, so it’s very low cost to get started. Start off with a professional who understands the concept of training the core and how to get the best benefit from the ball. Don’t go it alone, be guided and attend a class at least once per week, that way your home training will remain correct for you.

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