Spinning Classes

Spinning Classes

Spinning Class

Road Cycling

There are some major problems involved in cycling out on the roads, which deter many people from even giving it a go. Inconsiderate drivers, poor road surfaces and inclement weather all contribute to giving cycling a poor reputation, despite its proven track record in aiding health and fitness goals.

Cycle to Music

Spinning classes are accompanied by music, which provides additional focus through a variety of tempos. Lights are sometimes used to create extra atmosphere, but the real driving force is the instructor, who guides the group through a structured and high-powered workout, pushing bodies and muscles to their limits and motivating all the members to drive themselves forward.

How to avoid the perils of the road

The solution is to cycle indoors on a stationary bike. With no traffic to worry about, there is no also no need to don the dreaded bicycle helmet, and you won’t have to keep half an eye out for potholes. Rain or shine, you can pedal away in peace and safety. Now your only problem is motivation. The scenery no longer unfolds before you, and even if you opt to listen to music through headphones, you still need to have plenty of self-discipline in order to reap the maximum benefits of this form of exercise.

Trained Instructor

This is where spinning classes can really make the difference between an average workout and a really good one. Rather than pedalling away going nowhere on a solitary bicycle, you are part of a class following the directions of a trained instructor. The benefits of exercising as part of a group have been well documented, as it makes individual group members work harder than they would if left to their own devices.

Warming Up

A skilled instructor guides the group through an initial warm-up to ensure muscles are adequately prepared for the main part of the class. Advising on increasing and decreasing the resistance of the pedals, the instructor takes the class on a journey filled with virtual hills, fast sprints and slower sections to allow tired muscles to rest.

Engage Core Muscles

Under the guidance of the instructor, participants are encouraged to rise up out of the saddle and lean forward in order to engage core muscles and strengthen and elongate lower legs and backs. The workout finishes with a cool-down to allow muscles to relax and heart rates to return to normal.
Spinning Bikes

Full Body Workout

The only essential is a good pair of sports shoes. Most fashionable trainers do not offer adequate support, so if you are just starting out on an exercise routine, this is one place where it would be a good idea to make an investment. Supportive footwear will prevent ankle twists and falls, and quality trainers can also provide effective shock absorption during a high-impact work-out.

Team Efforts

A spinning class provides an excellent full-body workout under controlled conditions, and because it is low-impact there is no undue stress placed on the body’s joints. This makes it a great solution where rehabilitation is required, as it provides intensive exercise whilst having minimum adverse effects.

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