rebound cartilage brace

Rebound Cartiledge

Designed for the more active individual.  The brace works in the same way as the Unloader One but the unloading effect is more dynamic, maintaining joint unloading up to 45° of knee flexion.

Suitable for use whilst skiing, mountain biking and climbing the brace is robust and easily cleaned.

For post operative healing the brace has benefits through all phases of rehabilitation from part weight bearing on crutches to full weight bearing and allowing healing.

A Functional Solution

The rebound cartilage brace is a functional solution that is designed to help the regeneration and recovery of knee cartilage after surgery and to help repair the knee.  Examples of procedures where the brace is effective are Microfracture, OATS, and (M)ACL.  The clinically proven unloading ability of this brace using a 3-points of leverage system helps maintain joint unloading in flexion which allows protection of the cartilage during the healing process.

Key Benefits

  • Unloads to affected knee compartment
  • Limits ROM where required
  • Provides proprioceptive control


  • Articular cartilage damage that requires unicompartmental load reduction or a restriction in range of movement.
  • Cartilage knee trauma benefitting from unloading, movement reduction and pain relief.
  • Meniscal repair post surgery
  • Avascular necrosis of the joint surface
  • Bone bruising (Condylar bone marrow lesions)

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