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Nutritional Intake

Nutritionists can assess a person’s nutritional intake and eating habits objectively. This can be hugely beneficial for people who have struggled with weight-management issues, for example, and have either failed in previous efforts to maintain a healthy weight or have reached a plateau and need help to move on.

Flexible Solutions

Nutritionists can offer solutions that a person may not have considered themselves and work out a plan to achieve the goals they choose to set for themselves. They can advise on the right foods to eat, what to avoid and any supplements which could prove to be beneficial in each individual case.

Medical Reasons

here may be medical reasons behind a decision to see a nutritionist or a desire to look, feel and perform better. Common reasons for requesting help include managing body shape and weight-related issues, dealing with sensitivities and food allergies and managing blood pressure and high cholesterol. There are also age-specific factors such as senior or adolescent and paediatric nutritional needs.

What Is a Nutritionist?

A nutritionist can offer advice on how food and nutrition will affect health. They can help to prevent issues from forming, as well as solve or better manage existing problems. They can also help ordinary people make sense of general nutritional advice, which can often appear contradictory and may change frequently, and ensure that all of their nutritional needs are not only met but are the most effective possible for their particular circumstances.

A nutritionist can also help those people suffering from eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa, gastrointestinal disorders including celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome, and those coping with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or panic attacks.

The effects of nutrition on the human body are far-reaching, and a professional nutritionist will have the expertise to make sense of the jargon and relate the necessary information in a manner that anyone can understand.

Nutritional Advice

They can also complement the work of a doctor in the case of medical conditions such as diabetes, for example, as many GPs will not necessarily have the in-depth and up-to-date knowledge to give the patient the best possible nutritional advice.

Eating Habits

Even a person’s change in age can make it beneficial to get expert advice on eating habits, and natural but life-changing occurrences, such as pregnancy or the menopause, are other common reasons for seeking help. Nutritionists can help prevent future trouble, assist with day-to-day issues and even help to improve sporting performance through the best use of food and supplements.

Professional Services

There are many reasons people seek the professional services of a nutritionist, from coping with health or lifestyle changes to managing long-term problems and conditions. Nutritionists can be the persuasive factor to get a person started on the road to better nutrition and health, or the motivating force when times are tough.

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