Spiral Stabilisation

  • Pain Refief
  • Muscle Chains
  • Neck & Back
  • Golfers
  • Runners
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Fountain Square clinic is delighted to offer a completely new product.

Relief from:
•  Acute back pain
•  Neck pain
•  Running disorders
•  Shoulder impingement
•  Golfing injuries
•  Heel & foot pain
•  Sitting disease/smartphone illness

Spiral stabilization is a one stop treatment to help retrain our background stability. Fire up lazy bums and tums, improve posture and recreate our normal background control.

Most non-impact injuries occur due to an overload of our musculoskeletal system. Often this overload is due to poor spinal posture brought on by our increased sedentary lifestyle.
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We have muscle chains (linked groups of muscle) that work as units to stabilise our bodies during movement. These chains spiral around us to hold us up against gravity, increasing our intraabdominal pressure and creating a decompressive force on our spines.

It is a system which works from head to toe; and when compromised leads to undue pressure on our spines and alters how we weight bear through our hips, knees and feet.

Vertical Chains
These operate when we rest. However, because of our sedentary lifestyles these chains have become overactive, shortened, ineffective at rest and dominant in activity. These muscles produce compressive forces on the spine leading to disc disease & facet joint degeneration.

Spiral Chains
Muscle groups – Activate & Strengthen
•  Serratus Anterior - SA
•  Pectoralis Major - PM
•  Trapezius - TR
•  Latdorsi - LD

Vertical Chains
Muscle groups – Release & mobilise
•  Rectus Abdominus - RA
•  Iliopsoas - IP
•  Erector Spinae - ES
•  Quadratus Lumborum - QL

Causes of back pain
•  Tension in vertical chains
•  Weakness in the spirals

•  Relaxation of verticals
•  Strengthening of spiral chains
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•  Sit at a desk all day?
•  Drive a car 100’s of miles a week?
•  Stare at an smartphone?

•  Have you developed sitting disease?
•  Have you got smartphone illness?
•  Do you suffer chronic neck or back pain?

The modern lifestyle has led us to look for a modern solution!

Could you spare 5 minutes a day?

We have introduced a unique treatment programme to help you re-educate your ‘lost’ background stability muscles. The system is simple, intuitive, fun to use, home based and VERY effective.
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Getting ready for the golf season?

Do you suffer chronic back pain when playing?
After a round?

We have a unique new stabilization programme to help clear those symptoms and strengthen the muscles that give you the power and control, and hopefully drop your handicap!
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Runners, do you suffer intermittent niggling pains?
•  Achilles?
•  Knees?
•  Low Back?
•  Groin?
•  Hamstring tightness?

We have introduced a new and unique stability programme, aimed at strengthening and co-ordinating the bodies background control systems.

This creates the foundation for reducing load on knees, hips, feet & spines. Clearing symptoms and improving performance.
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Unique treatment programme for treatment of:
•  Acute chronic back pain
•  Scoliosis (Spiral curvature)
•  Kyphosis
•  Knee disorders
•  Hip disorders
•  Ankle and Foot pain

The programme uses manual therapy alongside a home based exercise programme, which takes only 5 minutes a day.

Introductory Assessment £50

•  1 Physiotherapy assessment
•  6 weekly massages
•  6 weekly 1-1 hour exercise sessions
•  Cost: £420

•  To increase stability
•  Decrease risk of injury
•  Improve recovery from training
•  1 Physiotherapy assessment
•  6 weekly sessions physio/massuse
•  6 1-1 sessions learning spiral stability techniques
•  1 Final physiotherapy assessment
•  Cost: £520

•  12 week course
•  Beginners includes 1-1 to learn technique with physio/PE
•  11 weekly 1 hour classes max 4 people
•  Cost £160

•  12 week course
•  12 weekly hour sessions P/T
•  Cost £360
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