Spiral Stabilisation

Spiral Stabilisation

We have muscle chains (linked groups of muscle) that work as units to stabilise our bodies during movement.  These chains spiral around us to hold us up against gravity, increasing our intraabdominal pressure and creating a decompressive force on our spines.

The system works to balance the whole body.  When this system is compromised it leads to undue pressure through our spinal column and alters how we weight bear through our hips, knees and feet.

Spiral Stabilization

Spiral Chains

The system works to balance the whole body.  When this system is compromised it leads to undue pressure through our spinal column and alters how we weight bear through our hips, knees and feet.

Muscle groups – Activate & Strengthen

Serratus Anterior – SA
Pectoralis Major – PM
Trapezius – TR
Latissimus Dorsi – LD

Causes of joint pain

Tension in vertical chains
Weakness in the spiral chains

Vertical Chains

These operate when we rest.  However, because of our sedentary lifestyles these chains have become overactive, shortened, ineffective at rest and dominant in activity.  These muscles produce compressive forces on the spine leading to disc disease & facet joint degeneration.

Muscle groups – Release & Mobilise

Rectus Abdominus – RA
Iliopsoas – IP
Erector Spinae – ES
Quadratus Lumborum – QL



Relaxation of vertical chains
Strengthening of spiral chains

Benefits of Spiral Stabilisation

Spiral Stabilisation helps to prevent injury and aid recovery from injury, whilst reducing pain and discomfort and increasing flexibility and movement. 

You may be undergoing or recovering from surgical treatment and find that Spiral Stabilisation assists with preparation, recovery, prevention of complications. 

Other Benefits

  • Supports correct posture, stability of movement and corrects muscle imbalances
  • Re-establishes natural movement after loss, e.g. to joints or back
  • Relieves pressure on the inter-vertebral discs and joints
  • Aids back and joint pain relief
  • Promotes spine regeneration
  • Strengthens weak muscles
  • Improves flexibility
  • Develops natural coordination and balance
  • Easy to learn exercises
  • Curative and preventative

Conditions Spiral Stabilisation helps with:

  • Disc degeneration/prolapse/herniation
  • Scoliosis (kyphosis, lordosis)
  • Failed back surgery syndrome 
  • Hip and knee surgery

Who Is Spiral Stabilisation For?

Spiral Stabilisation can be used by anyone who suffers from back pain or who wants to improve movement and comfort. You might have a sedentary job which causes discomfort or have pain from overloading heavyweights (or even carrying young children!).

These exercises renew muscle balance, releasing painful muscle tension and optimising movement coordination.

People who will benefit from treatment include:

  • Scoliosis sufferers – Scoliosis is caused by an asymmetric muscle imbalance.
  • Back pain / Posture sufferers – Poor posture is the case of 80% of chronic back pain.
  • Post-surgical – Spiral Stabilisation of the spine, post surgery, benefits recovery.
  • Arthritis sufferers – Body balancing leads to a decompression of joints and alleviates pain.
  • Children/Youth, over 5 – targeting poor posture caused by long periods of sitting at a desk at school, or by conditions such as kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis and Scheuermann’s disease.
  • Seniors – working towards a pain-free, active retirement by maintaining stable walking and rectifying instability and giddiness, to prevent falling.
  • Athletes – working on fast activation of the stabilising muscles and active stretching for better performance, quicker recovery and injury prevention.
  • Prenatal and postnatal – preparation for pregnancy, exercising during pregnancy and recovery after giving birth.
  • Wheelchair users – Alleviating pain, correcting postural alignment and tailored to the individuals’ requirements.

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