Spiral Stabilisation for Sports

Spiral Stabilisation for Sports

Spiral stabilisation in sports is a proven method to improve movement, fitness and stamina. For many years, both athletes and sports professionals have utilized this treatment to enhance and improve their ability.

Spiral Stabilisation for Sports

Strengthening the gluteus maximus Stabilisation of the trunk and limbs

Coordination and stabilisation of the walking and running gait

Muscle groups – Activate & Strengthen

Trapezius – TR
Latissimus Dorsi – LD

Sporting Injuries

Some sporting injuries result from a single incident, but other causes include a failure to warm up adequately, using equipment incorrectly, poor technique, repetitive movements or training too hard. Continuing with the activity without investigating the cause of the problem and treating the injury appropriately can lead to further problems.

Stretching the hip adductors

These operate when we rest.  However, because of our sedentary lifestyles these chains have become overactive, shortened, ineffective at rest and dominant in activity.  These muscles produce compressive forces on the spine leading to disc disease & facet joint degeneration..

Muscle groups – Release & Mobilise

Rectus Abdominus – RA
Iliopsoas – IP
Erector Spinae – ES
Quadratus Lumborum – QL

Spiral Stabilisation for Sports

Training a high kick

Spiral Stabilisation for Sports

Training a powerful kick

training a powerful kick

Increasing running speed

Spiral Stabilisation for Sports
Antonin Barak

Antonin Barak - Professional Footballer

Antonin Barak has had great success under the spiral stabilisation treatment he has been going through over the past year. 

He has devoted 1 hour a day over the past few years and has seen not only his overall strength his running speed increase  considerably.

He has greater range of movement in his lower limbs and his ongoing backache has now been cured.

He started his career at his home town club Pribram before earning a move to Slavia Praha in the Czech first division and is now also a Czech national team player. 

After sending out there scouts to watch him, Italian Serie A team Udinese made a big money move for his services and signed him for the club where last season he made 34 appearances. 


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