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Sports massage

Following a strict training regimen can be hard on your body. Most athletes train more than once per day, four or five times a week. When they are not training, they may have work or family commitments, so finding the time to rest and recover properly before their next training session is difficult. A good sports massage therapist can help with this recovery issue.

What Is a Sports Massage?

Sports massages focus on the muscle groups used by athletes for their chosen sport. For example, they may focus on the back of a martial artist, the legs of a runner or the shoulders of a golfer or tennis player. Sports massage treatments relieve tension and tightness in the muscles, helping the athlete to train harder for longer.

How Sports Massage Works

Sports massage works by relieving tension in the muscles and encouraging blood flow to the affected area. Some massage therapies are a form of myofascial release, helping to improve mobility, reduce pain and improve both blood and lymphatic circulation. They may also stimulate the stretch reflex in the muscles, making them looser and more flexible, and thereby reducing the likelihood of the athlete suffering an injury next time they train.

Why a Sports Massage?

Every athlete responds to massage treatments differently. Some people find that they do well if they get their massages after a long, hard workout, while others find that getting a massage before a race or a competition session works better because they benefit from the muscle-stimulating effects of the massage.

Note that while massages can help with sports injuries, they are not a cure-all. If you have any concerns about a severe or recurring injury, seek advice from a doctor or a physiotherapist. Do not try to train or compete with an undiagnosed injury, because you could make it worse, and then you will have to have even more time away from training

What Can Sports Massage Be Used For?

Sports massage treatments can be used to prevent injuries, rehabilitate existing injuries, speed up recovery between training sessions, loosen up tight muscles and generally improve your athletic performance. Also very helpful to relieve general tightening of muscles due to long periods sat at a computer, gardening or general tight back/neck/shoulders.

Relief From Tension and Soreness

While some athletes find through foam roller treatments, sports massage treatments are able to reach areas that are harder to target, and the massage therapist will be able to identify potential problems with sports that you are not aware of.


Overtraining is a serious issue for competitive athletes, and one that causes both physical and mental fatigue. A fatigued athlete is an athlete that is highly likely to get injured Sports massages can help to reduce pain and fatigue, improve your range of motion, reduce inflammation and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

How Often and Timing

How often you need a massage, and the timing of the treatment, is a personal thing. During your sport’s competition season you may need regular massages, but you can probably slow down the treatments during the off-season, while your body is under less stress.

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