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Spiral Stabilisation

We have muscle chains (linked groups of muscle) that work as units to stabilise our bodies during movement.  These chains spiral around us to hold us up against gravity, increasing our intraabdominal pressure and creating a decompressive force on our spines. The system works to balance the whole body.  When this system is compromised it leads to […]

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What do Physiotherapists do?

The job of a physiotherapist is to assist the patient in returning to their normal physical function – whatever that may be. It can involve treating a professional athlete to ensure a full and early return to competition or helping an elderly person to regain independence at home. The skills a physiotherapist requires are as […]

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Spiral Stabilisation

Spiral Training We began using this programme alongside our conventional treatment methods 12 months ago and we have been amazed by the positive response from patients and the benefits leading to prolonged recovery. Initially we have used the programme as a treatment tool for spinal pain and have now progressed to using these methods for […]

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Free Consultation Clinic

Last Tuesday of the month starting November 27th – Free consultation clinic 7pm – 9pm Consult with Physiotherapists: Current injuries Injury prevention Spinal pain Improved performance Spiral stability Consult with fitness professionals: Fitness programmes Weight loss Get fit for skiing Pilates Classes  Other therapies: Acupuncture Massage BOOK A SLOT WITH YOUR CHOSEN SPECIALIST, OR JUST […]

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It may have come to your attention over the weekend, that a Royal Princess has  scoliosis. This condition can be very debilitating, and its cause is still not understood. Dr Richard Smíšek from Prague has been working for 20 years on a unique programme of manual therapy, stretching and a form of Proprio Neuromuscular Facilitation […]


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