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Natalie Pepper Received : 8th June 2017
“I can feel my shoulders again thanks to Anthony, highly recommend Anthony for a massage. You won't be left disappointed”

Tom Weston Received : 15 January 2016
“My neck is tons better thanks to Alex's sadistic ways!! Thank you, great service!”

Gordon Shields (Dip SM IIRSM) Received : 1st April 2015
“In October last year I had to have a full knee replacement operation with many complications due to a serious accident at work, Alex came out to see me at home, and what a sorry sight my knee was!!

However over the next few weeks he treated not only my knee but my badly damaged confidence, and slowly but surely and professionally got me back in shape.

I now partake in most of the things I used too with confidence and am back cycling to a reasonable standard as before. I just wanted to say for the record a massive thanks to you, and all the staff at the practise.”
Barbara Evers Received: 28 April 2014
“Dear Alex,

Re: Physiotherapy is critical before and after hip replacement

I am a relatively active 61 year old woman, who is still working and enjoys walking, swimming and cycling. Physiotherapy has made it possible for me to continue to work and to enjoy life despite failing hips due to arthritis. I have had two hip replacements in the past 15 months and I wanted to thank you for the professional support you’ve given me through both of my hip replacements. It is now four months since my second hip replacement, I am cycling and walking without sticks and to a large extent, pain free. The physiotherapy I received from you eased the pain, was reassuring and gave me the ability and the incentive to keep going with the recommended exercises. Guidance on the most appropriate exercises to do at different stages (pre and post op) have made an enormous difference – both to my mobility and pain before the surgery and to my recovery, state of mind and mobility post surgery. Pre-surgery treatment and exercises helped me to maintain my strength and a positive outlook, despite the pain caused by the deteriorating hips. Doing the exercises every day was not always easy but this really enhanced the benefits of the physio treatments. Also, the exercises seemed to prepare my muscles for the shock of surgery and help recovery.

The importance of all this was even more evident with my second hip replacement. Even though walking was difficult, I was able to cycle until the day before surgery. After surgery, I was surprised at how easily and quickly I was able to do the post op exercises in hospital, with far less pain than I had anticipated. My general well-being, mobility and recovery time were very good first time round, but even better with the second replacement when I was more aware of the benefits of physio and exercise.

I would recommend that anyone requiring hip replacement seek physiotherapy, both before and after surgery, and DO THE EXERCISES. This enables you to keep moving and makes the whole experience bearable, the recovery quicker and the return to good health and an active life a real possibility.

Many thanks to you and your great team at Fountain Square.”
Martyn Duffy Received: 03 October 2014
“All members of my family have benefited over recent years from treatments received from the skilled staff at Fountain Square Clinic. We never hesitate to seek help from this clinic. And we have never been disappointed. On the contrary, a swift resolution to our physiological problems has usually occurred.

The physiotherapists are very knowledgeable, highly trained and, like all the other staff, from receptionists through to the personal trainer in the gymnasium, friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!.”
Bud F Received: 03 October 2014
“I have received effective and professional treatment for trapped nerves and Physio after a broken hand and wrist. Sue and the team always make time to give an honest and realistic assessment before carrying out, in my experience, the best course of treatment. Can't recommend highly enough.”
Emma Robinson Received: 23 September 2014
“Fountain Square Physio was recommended to me after I was involved in a horrific car accident and sustained a severe whiplash injury. I was given a warm welcome by the receptionist who immediately put me at ease. The initial assessment was thorough and I found the physio to be highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable.

The physiotherapy, along with a personal home exercise program aided my recovery. The Pilates classes are excellent and the instructor is friendly and very encouraging, adapting the exercises to suit my specific injuries. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending this Physiotherapy Clinic.“
Stephen Davies Received: 9th October 2014(Specialist in Restorative Dentistry Lecturer (P/T) in Dental Practice)
“It is the combination of the therapeutic and the preventative elements that make Fountain Square Physiotherapy Practice so valuable.

In my experience the excellent treatment from the physiotherapists is significantly enhanced by a follow up programme of supervised musculoskeletal strengthening from the qualified personal training in the "in house" gymnasium. I commend the Fountain Square Physiotherapy for your consideration.”
Andy Nevett (DipPFS) Received: 9th October 2014 Practice)
“Sue and her brilliant team at fountain square has helped mend my aging body so that I can still compete on the tennis court with the young “puppys” at Woodside now into my sixth decade! I first went to see Sue after a recommendation from a friend. I had been to see another physio and had two weeks of treatment on my first serious injury, which was diagnosed as an Achilles strain. It was not improving and as soon as Sue got hold of my leg she correctly identified the correct diagnosis of a calf strain referring pain into the Achilles. Two treatments and appropriate rehabilitation exercises soon sorted out my calf so I was back on the court in a month. That professional diagnosis saved my tennis season & summer which is really important to me and worth its weight in gold.

Fountain Square is a brilliant physiotherapy practice but so much more. As a keen but aging sportsman I have been treated by all of the physiotherapists at Fountain Square including Sue & Alex, who are brilliant. However, Matt & the gym team who run rehabilitation classes has been great to ensure that I do the exercises to repair the muscles and make a real difference. Now I regularly attend the group pilates classes which are good fun, and great value, but have made a difference to my flexibility and will help me to keep doing what I enjoy on the tennis court and golf course.”
Nicholas Wyatt Received: 5th July 2013
“I recently attended the practice for two consecutive Fridays to receive sports massages from Matt Ball and I would just like to say what a fantastic service I received.

As somebody who works at a desk all day, has a poor posture and is a side sleeper I had started to experience significant problems in my upper back and neck and so decided to be seen by a professional physio.

After two massages from Matt, the pain was alleviated hugely, showing that he had clearly done an excellent job. Not only that, I found him to be very personable and he quickly allayed any fears I had about being in agony both during and after the massage.

All in all, the massages were extremely beneficial and I imagine I will be returning when the muscles inevitably tighten again. I have already recommended the practice to several friends so I can only hope that they stop by and receive the same excellent treatment that I did.”

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