Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain

Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries and pain are extremely common and the causes are quite numerous.  The secret to resolving ankle pain is to get an accurate diagnosis, here at Fountain Square Physiotherapy we can do just that.

The most common cause of ankle pain is trauma to the ankle ligament, followed by fractures, tendonopathies, osteo arthritis and biomechanical dysfunction.

Sprained Ankles

This is by far the most common ankle injury, the pain from an ankle sprain can come from numerous sources.  Ankle sprains are not only reserved for the sportsperson, anyone can easily ‘twist’ an ankle whilst walking.

Uneven surfaces are often to blame for a ‘rolled’ ankle, and this can occur at any age.  Thousands of ankle sprains occur everyday around the world.  Just whilst you have read this blog hundreds of ankles will have been damaged!

When you sprain your ankle there is also the potential for the ligament to pull away from the bone often retaining the bony attachment, this is an avulsion fracture.  Muscle tears and joint capsule tears are also common associated injuries when you sprain your ankle.

Ankle Fracture

This occurs when you break one or more bones in the ankle region.  The most common type are avulsion fractures in this region.  This often involves the distal fibula.  A Potts fracture includes both the tibia and fibula bones.  All suspected fractures need to be accurately diagnosed by a experienced physiotherapist, and professionally managed to avoid further complications down the line.  At the very least an x-ray should be performed if a fracture is suspected.

Ankle Tendinopathies

Muscles and tendons around the ankle have important roles in stabilising the ankle joint and helping to form the arches of the foot.  These muscles and tendons can become damaged through overuse or trauma.  Inflammation of the tendons can occur and this is called tendonitis, if not treated these can tear or completely rupture over time.


Ankle pain can also be caused by degeneration of the joint such as in Osteoarthritis.  Whilst wear and tear of weightbearing joints is normal, abnormal biomechanics can accelerate this process.  It is therefore important to seek the advice of an expert physiotherapist to accurately assess any faults and show you how to correct them.

Ankle Pain

Common treatment for ankle pain

There are a lot of common ankle injuries, not just sprains, therefore it is important to get an accurate diagnosis of what is wrong with your ankle, this allows both short and long term treatment goals to be achieved efficiently.

With accurate assessment and early physiotherapy treatment most ankle and foot conditions respond very quickly and you can return to your normal activities in a short period of time.

If you have any foot or ankle pain please contact us here at Fountain Square Physiotherapy for our expert advice.

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